Developing Reading Supplementary Materials for the Tenth Grade Students at Madrasah Aliyah Khairuddin Gondanglegi Malang

Zulhadi Z



This paper reports on a research and development of Reading Supplementary Materials Through a Genre-Oriented Aprroach at Islamic Senior High School in Gondanglegi Malang aimed at identifying the problems and needs of a specific group of tenth graders at the school in relation to their reading comprehension in English in order to develop the main handbook ued by the students. Findings show  that reading supplementary materials helped students become more efficient readers, as well as the fact that the exposure and analysis of genres developed a better comprehension of different kinds of texts, making these students aware of the structure and patterns of the texts they were reading as they approached them with reading strategies that were appropriate for each genre and stage.

Key words: reading comprehension, supplementary materials, genre approach

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