The Effect of Modified Running Dictation Technique Through Cooperative Learning Toward Writing Skill in Descriptive Text on Eleventh Grade of State Senior High School 1 Kepanjen

Fina Maulidah


AbstractThe objective of this research is to find out whether there is any significant different achievement between the students in learning writing skill in descriptive text by using modified running dictation trough cooperative learning and the students with learning conventional technique in writing skills of descriptive text in the eleventh grade of SMAN 1 Kepanjen. This research was conducted in Quasi Experimental Design with Nonrandomized Control group, Pre-test Pos-test Design. The researcher chose two classes which a class was an experimental class and another class was as control class. Then, to know the effect of using Running Dictation, researcher compared the score of class XI A as the experimental class which got treatment, with class XI as the control class which had no treatment. The instrument of this research is writing test. The treatment was conducted for three meetengs. The result of this research, it has shown that Running Dictation could give the effect to the to the students’ writing ability of descriptive text. It could be seen from the result that the students’ post-test in experimental class was higher than in control class.  Keywords: Running Dictation, Descriptive Text Writing Ability, Quasi Experimental Design.

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