Students’ Personality Type and Learning Style on Their Reading Comprehension

Khaula Fitriana



This study aimed at investigating the effect of students’ personality type and learning style on their reading comprehension. Data of this study were collected by administering two questionnaires and reading comprehension test. In this study, the main instrument is reading comprehension test. To conduct reading comprehension score, the researcher used a series of multiple-choice test. In this case, the questionnaire divided two kinds of questionnaires that are personality type questionnaire and learning style questionnaire. Then, Personality type questionnaire was determined by using Eysenck’s personality questionnaire and for learning style questionnaire using by Cohen’s learning style questionnaire. The participants consisted of 70 (29 males and 41 females) students. Independent sample t-test was used to determine the effect between variables. The result of t-test revealed that there was not significant effect of personality type and learning style on students’ reading comprehension.

Keywords: Personality Type, Learning Style, reading Comprehension

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