Author Guidelines

  • ELTAR-J accepts articles in the field of teaching English as a second or foreighn language, English language teaching and learning, and English language teacher’s training and education, which have not been published or are under consideration elsewhere.
  • To be considered for publication, manuscripts should be typed in MS Word doc. format, using 12 size Times New Roman fonts, single-spaced on quarto or A4-size paper, 10-20 pages in length.
  • Articles will be reviewed by subject reviewers, while the editors reserve the right to edit articles for format consistency without altering the substance.
  • Level one headings are typed in ALL CAPITALS, BOLD, LEFT JUSTIFICATION (like this example)
  • Level two headings are typed in Capital-lowercase, Bold, Left Justification
  • Level three headings are typed in Capitals- lowercase, Italic-bold, Left Justification
  • Conceptual articles should include: (a) Title; (b) Full name of contributor(s) without title(s); (c) Abstract (max. 100 words); (d) Keywords; (e) Introduction without heading; (f) Body text; and (g) References.
  • Research-based articles should contain: (a) Title; (b) Full name of contributor(s) without title(s); (c) Abstract (max. 200 words); (d) Keywords; (e) Introduction without heading, which includes review of related literature and research purpose; (f) Method; (g) Findings and Discussion; (h) Conclusions and Suggestions; (i) References; and (j) Appendix, if any.
  • The list of references includes only those that are cited/referred to in the article.
  • The references should be presented alphabetically and chronologically, and be written in accordance with the APA style 6.
  • Manuscripts, as well as contributors’ brief  CV, and a number of selected items to be included in the subject index (about 20 items) should be attached to the submission.

Note: ELTAR-J does not charge authors fees for article submissions, processing, and publication.