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The phenomenon of modern online games that cause the many generation, especially puberty children often visit the internet cafe to play online games and they ignore all tasks that should be their responsibility and also morals against other people, which should have the moral and morals in accordance with the teachings of Islam. This study aims to determine the effect of online games on the religious behavior of puberty children in Hamlet Karang Mloko Village, Batu city. This quantitative research using observation, questionnaires and interviews. The population in this study were puberty children in Karang Mloko with population of 120 children. 30 children were choosen as sample. Data analysis technique used Pearson correlation. Result of product moment correlation where to know the relation of direction of both variables that is Influence of Online Game to Religious Behavior of Puberty Children in Karang Mloko showed that Online Game have value of product moment correlation coefficient 0,27 to religious behavior of puberty children. This means that the correlation is weak and there is enough influence between online games and religious behavior of puberty children in Karang Mloko. So it can be concluded that the online game is enough to influence the religious behavior of puberty children in Karang Mloko Village.

Kata Kunci : Game Online, Perilaku Keagamaan, Anak Pubertas.

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Ahmadi, Abu dan Widodo Supriyono. Psikologi Belajar cetakan I. 1991. Jakarta: Rineka Cipta


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