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ABSTRACK: The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between reading habit and readin comprehension at second semester University of Islam Malang. This research used quantitative method and correlation design. The participant was 40 students at second grade in University of Islam Malang. The instrument tools used reading habit questionnaire consist of 30 items and reading comprehension test consist of 32 items with 10 multiple-choice, 12 yes or no, and 10 short answers.The result revealed sig (2-tailed) .004less than 0.05. It indicated that the correlation between reading habit and reding comprehension was positive significant and the degree of correlation was in moderate level. And the result of mean reading habit is 84, 43 and standard deviation is 12.287 with maximum score is 102 and minimum score is 49 whereas, reading comprehension mean  is 72.58 and standard deviation is 14.167 with maximum score is 93 and minimum score is 39


keywords: Reading habbit

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