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Abstract: This research attempts to Improving students speaking skill by using information gap. Information Gap is really needed to be mastered in case to help students communicate easily. In this study, the researcher used some picture and word that consist of thing, profession of people animal, and part of body which was related to the speaking at descriptive text. The data were gathered from the tests (pre-test and post-test) with the participants. The participants of this research were 30 students from SMPN 13 Malang at Seventh Grade. The result of this research showed that Information Gap can enhance students’ skill. It was proven by the mean score of each test. Before implementing the Information Gap, the pre-test score was low (60). Then, after conducting one cycle which the researcher implementing the information gap, the researcher found that the result increased (90). Finally, the researcher expected that the result will help future researchers who will conduct this similar study to create more creative ways in using information gap and the English teachers who consider information gap as the media in teaching and learning process to solve their problem in enhancing students speaking skill. Regarding to the score in students’ test at seventh grade of SMPN 13 Malang, the use of Information Gap in teaching speaking descriptive text improved the students’ speaking skill. Therefore, information gap can be a good recommendation to use as a learning media that will help students to enhance their speaking ability.

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