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Islamic moderation is a hot topic that is always discussed in Indonesia. Many things that mingle are still contradicted. Therefore, herein lies the importance of understanding the moderation of Islam in Indonesia by using research types of literature. In the results it is concluded that Islamic moderation is a form of middle ground without disputing. The history of Islamic moderation cannot be separated from historical figures such as Wali Songo who spread Islam without coercion and still maintain tolerance both religiously and culturally This paper aims to find out about Islamic moderation in Indonesia, as a manifestation of the development of moderate Islam in the era of globalization. Then the author will also explain about: (1) Understanding Moderation in Islam, (2) History of the Development of Islamic Moderation in Indonesia, (3) Figures and Thoughts on Islamic Moderation in Indonesia, (4) Forms of Islamic Moderation in Indonesia. At the end of this paper, the author will also conclude that the relevance of Islam in Indonesia has the concept of Nusantara Islam in which there is tolerance for differences, appreciation that has been made since the beginning, progress with the times, and freedom in decision making in Islamic law.


Islamic Moderation; Civilization Education: Indonesian

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