Vol. 14 No. 1 (2017): JEMA: Jurnal Ilmiah Bidang Akuntansi dan Manajemen

Jurnal Ilmiah Bidang Akuntansi dan Manajemen (Scientific Journal of Accounting and Management) which also known as JEMA is a peer reviewed journal published two times a year by Universitas Islam Malang. The aims of JEMA is to diseeminate the conceptual frame and ideas or research related business in general. The JEMA topics include but not limited to Financial Accounting, Stock Market, Management Accounting, Accounting in Public Sector, Auditing, Tax, Management Information System, Accounting Information System, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, International Business, Business Ethics, E-Business, Entrepreneurship, Business Community Service. Several article in this edition is an outcome of International Conference of Economics, Business, and Social Sciences (ICEBUSS) that held in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, December, 6-7th, 2016.

Published: 2023-08-25