Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines
Guideline to write Title, Name, and Author Address

The title of the manuscript must be written at the top of the first page with the center line of the text alignment. Meanwhile, the author's name (without academic degree), and the address of the author's affiliation, must be written with the center text alignment as well as under the title. Authors must provide one spaces between title and author name. Then, the distance between the author's email and the abstract title is one spaces. Keywords should be written under the overall abstract for all words. Additionally, it must be separated by a semicolon (;) for a maximum of three to six words.

Corresponding authors should be written first and then followed by second author, third author, and so on. Communications regarding manuscript revisions and final statements will be informed by email to the first authors only. If there is more than one author, the author's name must be written separately with a comma (,). If the author's name consists of two words, the first name should not be abbreviated. If the author's name is only one word it should be written clearly. However, in the online version it will be written in two words with the same name repeatedly for metadata indexing purposes.

Manuscript General Guidelines
The general guidelines for the manuscript are as follows:

The submitted manuscripts are manuscripts that have never been published in other publication media or publishers.
The script does not contain any plagiarism element. The editorial board will immediately reject texts that show plagiarism. Manuscripts that have been written under the guidance of the Jurnal Ilmiah Ahwal Syakhshiyyah (JAS) (in MS Word format) must be submitted through the Online Submission System using the Open Journal System (OJS) on the Jurnal Ilmiah Ahwal Syakhshiyyah (JAS). Templates and script writing guides are available in MS Word (.doc) format and can be downloaded here.
Manuscripts that are not relevance with the guidelines for writing the Jurnal Ilmiah Ahwal Syakhshiyyah (JAS) will be returned to the author prior to the review process.
The manuscript must contain several aspects of the scientific article in the following order: (a) title, (b) author's name (without academic degree), (c) author's institution, (d) author's e-mail, (e) abstract and keywords, (f) introduction, (g) method of implementation, (h) results and discussion, (i) conclusions, (j) references.Each paragraph starts 10 mm from the left side border while there is no space between paragraphs.
Tables and figures are placed in a text group after the referenced table or image. Each image must be labeled (captioned) below the image and numbered followed by the image title. Each table must be given a table title (Table Caption) and numbered above the table followed by the table title.   Tables should not contain vertical lines, while horizontal lines are only allowed for important points
Attached images must be guaranteed that they are printed with good quality (font size, resolution and clearly visible line space). Pictures, tables and charts should be centered between groups of text. If it has a larger size, it can be placed in the center of the page.