General Requirements

Authors should only submit manuscripts that have been carefully proofread. The manuscript is a scientific paper based on research results or conceptual ideas. It shall be written in English or Bahasa. The manuscript must be original (no plagiarism) and has never been published in other media.

  • Manuscripts accepted by PASAK: Jurnal Antikorupsi are empirical research articles, literature reviews, and theoretical articles on corruption or subjects related to corruption.
  • Manuscripts received by PASAK: Jurnal Antikorupsi are original scientific works that have never been published, in whole or in part, in other journals, scientific conference proceedings, books, printed and electronic mass media or other media, and lecture materials in seminars or lectures.
  • Manuscripts accepted by PASAK: Jurnal Antikorupsi are those written in fluent and correct English or Bahasa.
  • Authors must submit their manuscripts online via:


Structure of the manuscripts

  1. The title should be clear, attractive, and informative and contain no more than 14 words (in Bahasa) or 12 words (in English).
  2. Author's names and institutions. The author's name should be accompanied by the author's institution and email address without any academic title. For a joint paper, one of the authors should be notified as to the corresponding author.
  3. Abstract and keywords. The abstract should be less than 200 words. Please provide the abstract in English for an international readership, followed by 3 to 5 keywords relevant to the literature search.
  4. This section explains the background of the study, a review of the previous research in the area, and the aims of the manuscripts. Importantly, it should also showcase the significance and novelty of the research.
  5. This section describes the appropriate analysis tools, data collection, and analyses.
  6. Results and Discussion.This section explains the results of the analysis. These should be presented clearly and concisely. The author (s) should explore the novelty or contribution of their findings by comparing them to the existing literature and theories on corruption or corruption-related subjects.
  7. This section concludes and provides the study's practical, theoretical, and policy implications. The conclusion(s) should be drawn from the items discussed in the previous section of the manuscript (discussion).
  8. This section lists only the papers, books, or other types of publications referred to in the body of the manuscript.

General Writing Format

  1. The manuscript is prepared in an A4 paper, single-sided, and single-spacing format. A new paragraph should start five characters from the left margin, using an 11-size Cambria font type.
  2. The manuscript is written in Bahasa or English.
  3. The manuscript should be between 12 to 15 pages long (4000-8000 words).
  4. The top and left margins are 3 cm.
  5. The title is written using capital letters only at the first word or special name (example: location name), 14 font size, centre position.
  6. Subtitles are written using capital letters only at the first word or special name, 11 font size, starting from the left margin.
  7. Subs of subtitles, if any, are written using capital letters only at the first word or special name. They should be started from the left margin.
  8. Subs of subtitles, if any, are written using capital letters only at the beginning of each word except for connecting words, all in italics. They should be started from the left margin.
  9. References should be those of the last ten years' publication (>80%), except for key references (80%). Referring to any textbook should be minimized (<20%).