Writers and Manuscripts


  1. The authors in the An-Natiq Journal are students, lecturers, practitioners, researchers in the field of interdisciplinary Islamic studies;
  2. Authors can upload manuscripts after the author registers with An-Natiq;
  3. Manuscripts uploaded by authors must meet the criteria and writing systematics set by the editorial team of the An-Natiq Electronic Journal and have never been published and/or not sent (submitted) to other journals while the review process in the An-Natiq journal is still ongoing;
  4. The author is responsible for the authenticity/originality of the manuscript.
  5. The manuscript contains a maximum of 20 pages and is written on A4 paper with margin sizes left 3, top 2.5, right 2, bottom 2.5 and spacing 1;
  6. Writing manuscripts is not permitted to use quotations in the footnote style.


Journal Writing Format


  1. a) Title and subheadings (if any)
  • The title must not contain more than 15 vocabulary words, if more then it becomes a sub-title;
  • The title is made with a capital letter at the beginning of the word, space 1.


  1. b) Author's Name;
  • Names are written in full, cannot be abbreviated, and without titles.
  • Name of the author's institution/institution;
  • Address of the author's institution/institution;
  • Author's email which is still active;


  1. Abstract
  • The abstract consists of background, purpose of writing, research methods (if any) and conclusions;
  • Abstracts are made in Indonesian and English;
  • Abstracts should not exceed 200 vocabulary words, written in Cambria 11 letters, 1 space with 3-5 keywords.
  • Manuscripts written in Indonesian begin with abstract (English abstract), manuscripts written in English begin with abstract (Indonesian abstract).
  • Keywords are printed in bold while the contents of the keywords are printed in thin, written in Sentence Case format.


  1. Journal
  • Introduction, contains background, benefits and objectives, problem formulation
  • Method (Research)
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Suggestions (if any)


  1. Bibliography (required to use reference management)
  • The bibliography is classified into libraries of statutory regulations, books, journals, theses, theses, dissertations, books and the internet;
  • The bibliography lists only those references in the manuscript
  • Bibliography
  • Legislative regulations are written in a format Type of Legislation, Number, Year, About.
  • The book is written in a format
  • Author's Name, (Year of Publication). Book Title, City of Publisher: Publisher
  • Journals are written in a format

Author's Name, (Year, date, month of publication), Article Title, Journal Name, Volume, Number, where the article is cited.

  • The internet is written with a web address and a description of the date of access


Author's name, article title. From website name: URL address.