Yes, We're Back!

Zakky Zamrudi

University of Islam Kalimantan

Technostress: Boost or Bust for Marketing Sales?

Dwiyani Sudaryanti

University of Islam Malang

From COVID Crisis to Economic Recovery: Investing for the Future

Rois Arifin

University of Islam Malang

Spiritual Success: Unveiling Islamic Work Ethic!

Dito Rinaldo

University of Surabaya

Covid Cash: Financial Survival Secrets Revealed!





Apology for Delay in Manuscript Processing due to Journal Migration

We sincerely apologize for the delay and any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your ongoing support and trust in our journal. We are confident that the improvements resulting from this migration will contribute to a more efficient and effective publication process for all stakeholders .....

Authentic Collaboration for Manuscript Publication

Kindly be informed that JEMA maintains a steadfast policy of never engaging in collaborations with specific partners or agencies for fast-track. Our commitment ensures that every submitted manuscript is meticulously reviewed and evaluated based solely on its academic merit .....

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