About the Journal

Journal of Research on English and Language Learning (J-REaLL) with ISSN numbers 2721-5016 (online) and 2721-5024 (printed) is an international journal that is published twice a year in the months of February and August; harnessed around ELT, it publishes manuscripts within the fields of English as a Lingua Franca, Teaching English as a Second and Foreign Language, English Language Teaching and Learning, English Language Teaching Teachers’ Training and Education, English Language Testing and Assessment, Curriculum and Development, Linguistics, Translation, ICT Based Learning, Teaching English for Young Learners, and English for Academic Purposes.

Journal of Research on English and Language Learning (J-REaLL) has been publishing the articles since February 2020 precisely since the release of Volume 1, Number 1, 2020. Journal of Research on English and Language Learning (J-REaLL) is indexed in the database Google ScholarDirectory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)Indonesia One SearchGarba Rujukan Digital (Garuda), Ministry of Religious Affairs Reference (Moraref)ScilitWorldCatCrossrefDimensionsBielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)Public Knowledge Project (PKP|Index),  

Every submitted manuscript will be read by the editorial team. Manuscripts that are evaluated by editors and deemed not in accordance with the criteria of the journal will be rejected without external review. Then, a manuscript that has a special interest to readers is sent to peer reviewers, with two (2) different reviewers for each article by using the double-blind system. After reviewing the manuscript, it will be returned to the author for the revision process. In this journal, we have thirty-three (33) reviewers. The editorial team makes decisions based on reviewers’ recommendations. Journal of Research on English and Language Learning (J-REaLL) is published twice a year. The Editorial Board invites the authors to submit the best manuscripts to be published in this journal.