Journal of Research on English and Language Learning (J-REaLL) is a peer-reviewed journal with a double-blind review system; peer reviewers (external experts) do not know the identity of the author, and vice versa, in one round, the review process is done in two stages: pre-review and peer review. The pre-review is conducted by editorial members to check the suitability of the article with predetermined criteria to ensure that the article meets the focus and scope of the journal, uses templates and does not contain plagiarism (with a maximum similarity tolerance of 20%). To ensure objectivity, articles that pass the pre-review process are forwarded to at least two external experts, (the selection of external experts is the decision of the editorial board), and sometimes if necessary a third external expert is assigned for additional recommendations. The peer reviewer (external expert) makes an assessment through the form provided, and the peer reviewer's detailed comments are embedded in the article using the review menu anonymously. Editorial members will inform the authors of the review results as soon as possible. The author is obliged to improve the manuscript in line with the notes of the bestiary partner (external expert). Review notes are not published but will be stored in OJS as a review history. The revised article is reviewed by the editorial members and/or will be returned to the reviewers (external experts) if requested.