Author Guidelines


The manuscripts

The manuscript should be an original research paper which sufficiently contributes novelty to mathematics education. Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically by using the Jurnal Riset Pendidikan Matematika online submission procedure. The corresponding author should also provide a statement that the manuscript is not concurrently being under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Editors will ignore submissions that do not follow these procedures.

Structure of the manuscripts

1. TITLE. The title should be clear and informative, and not more than 15 words.

2. AUTHOR'S NAMES AND AFFILIATIONS. The author's names should be accompanied by the author's affiliations and email addresses, without any academic title. For a joint paper, one of the authors should be notified as the corresponding author.

3. ABSTRACT, KEYWORDS, AND MRBM classification numbers. The abstract should be less than 250 words. Please provide the abstract in both English and Indonesian versions. The keywords should be of 3 to 5 words or phrases.

4. INTRODUCTION. This section explains the background of the study, a review of the previous researches in the area, and aims of the manuscripts. Importantly it should also show the significance and novelty of the research.

5. METHODS. This section describes the appropriate tools of analysis along with the data and their sources.

6. RESULTS. This section explains the results of the study. It should be presented clearly and concisely. Author(s) should explore the novelty or the contribution of the work to the mathematics education literature.

7. DISCUSSION. This section explains the finding of the research and related to the previous research.

8. CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION. This section concludes and provides policy implications, if any, of the study. The conclusion(s) should be at the same order with ones discussed in the body of the manuscript.

9. REFERENCES. This section lists only the papers, books, or other types of publications referred to in the body of the manuscript based on APA style

10. TEMPLATE. Template manuscript can be downloaded in HERE

11. STATEMENT LETTER. Authors need to prepare and sign the statement letter before he/she/they agree in submiting their article in Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika (JPM). CLICK HERE