"Yo, dude! This chick is whack": English exclamations in romantic films


  • Herlianto A Gadjah Mada University




form, function, exclamation


This research investigates the forms and functions of English exclamations. By applaying qualitative and quantitative research methods, this research takes romantic films as the subjects. The result showed that in those films the exclamations functioned in the most frequent intensities are to show wonder, anger, surprise and pleasure. While the most frequent forms used are declarative, interjection + declarative, interjection, directive, and interrogative, respectively. These indicate that romantic films tend to express exclamations by declarative rather than other forms in which the context plays an important role for determining what is an expression as exclamation or not rather than the form itself.

Author Biography

Herlianto A, Gadjah Mada University




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A, H. (2021). "Yo, dude! This chick is whack": English exclamations in romantic films. Journal of Research on English and Language Learning (J-REaLL), 2(1), 8–15. https://doi.org/10.33474/j-reall.v2i1.7497